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Founder of Line Cook Thoughts

Raymond Delucci

Ray's first job working in kitchens started in fast food, and since then he has recognized the value of the people who make it possible for others to eat. His focus over the past two years has been to highlight those who may go unnoticed in food by other media outlets. It is this mission, to show how important food industry workers are, that drives him to create content and connect people with a genuine love for food. Ray is from Niagara Falls, NY and is a 23 year old Culinary professional.


Rebecca Cho

Rebecca has always had an interest in food since a young age. She believes that the food industry's quiddities are difficult to convey as it is so vast but that is exactly what makes it so spectacular. The undertaking of this platform is to listen more, understand clearly, and emphasize wholeheartedly. Welcome to the Line Cook Nation.

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