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So Now A Blog?

Writing is something I am about as passionate about as I am with food. The ability to think of ideas and explore them through words is something that has fascinated me since I was an eight year old kid reading fiction novels. I actually knew I wanted to be a writer far earlier than when I wanted to be a Chef. Writing has been something that has helped me get through tough moments, write down goals, and express concepts that other cooks resonate with.

Over the past two years I have worked to share the thoughts and ideas of those in foodservice through major media platforms, podcasts, and some articles. However, I have found that more and more people want their stories shared, and also have something to say. It is my hope that this blog allows for those in the industry to have the space to share and communicate changes they want to see. It is also my hope that this blog serves as a source of inspiration or affirmation to the path you may have chosen in food.

This is not just for cooks and I know the name can be misleading. Much like the podcast, this will be a space for everyone involved in food. Sous chefs, dishwashers, sommeliers, produce vendors, food writers, and the list can go on. The goal for this brand is to continue to tell the stories behind food. I truly believe that talking to the people in food will change the view we have on how food is getting to our plate. It is easy to be detached nowadays from what food really is, and how exactly it does end up getting to us.

This blog will explore different topics and will include people in various stages of their careers. You may read about a successful restauranteur one week and the next week be reading about a host at a greet stand, just starting their first week in serving in the hopes of becoming a food and beverage director one day. I will be interviewing those in the industry as well to gather advice, tips to success, and to keep the pulse on where the industry is headed.

There is no need to write about trends because we know that what really matters in food are the people making the trends. I believe we leave out people in food when showcasing what the masses are consuming, and it is a disservice to the end consumer because more often than not the real story is about the producer of said food or food trend.

I am not a gatekeeper in food. I do not expect you all to consider me a person who is smarter in regards to what is going on in the industry. I am not a food authority and do not not want to be the basis on how people make major decisions in their food careers. I am an avid listener of those who work with food and that is what I will be sharing.

This blog is meant to be a project of collaboration and industry insight. My goal is to inspire you when you have a bad day at work. My goal is to promote people in the hopes that their dream job reaches out asking for their contact information. My goal is to continue to develop a brand that makes foodservice workers feel heard. So that is why I have started this blog. I look forward to the work we will do and am excited for all feedback. Do not hesitate to reach out, and remember: Talking to cooks will change the world.


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